Todd Talbot: An Experience in "Right-Sizing"

Oct 24, 2018, 12:34 PM

Todd Talbot, expert real estate agent and host of HGTV’s Love It or List It Vancouver has gone through what he calls “right-sizing” this past year. Going from a 3,000 sq ft. dream home to a 1,200 sq ft “cute home” in Vancouver, Todd talks about the revolutionary lifestyle change he went through with his wife and two children while exploring this stage in his life. He’ll be staring on the mainstage this year at the Edmonton Fall Home Show, October 26-28th. 

Todd coined his mantra “Created Life” around the idea that “we are in control of our future and what we want in our life.” As we know, all the elements in our life shape our identity and the way we live. He continues,  “Often, people wonder why opportunities are passed on them, or they see other people’s lives and wondering why they don’t have that.” His advice: “be clear to yourself what you want and then share that idea. It will manifest into your life”. He continues: “It’s about creating a home that helps live the life you want to live-- your dream life. Technically your dream home has nothing to do with it!” While exploring the thought about how people should start creating their space to fit their life, Todd and his family set out to test the theory on right-sizing.

“We need to be purposeful about the choices we make about each factor in our life,” says Todd. He continues to say  that these factors include relationships, career, and even our homes. “Where you live, the type of space, and the environment you will create within that space are all a reflection of your lifestyle.”  He continues to say, “start looking at your home as it relates to all the elements of your life. Be functional, be creative and be intentional in your design.”

What Todd found from his experience in right-sizing was that the concept itself was not about giving up on certain things or sacrificing one thing for another rather, it inspired and challenged him to examine the choices he made as a designer and father. “We definitely try and maximize every square foot we have and being more mindful with what we really need.” With his new mantra, Todd was able to design his home functionally and financially to be the perfect fit for his family. One thing he really could not right-size? “My king size bed for sure!”

Todd Talbot will be on the Edmonton Fall Home Show mainstage discussing his “right-sizing” journey, alongside other television stars like Colin and Justin and DIY maven Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault! Catch their expert advice October 26-28th at the Edmonton Expo Centre. Get your tickets online and SAVE $3!

OCTOBER 26-28, 2018