Sign that says CLEAR YOUR SPACE surrounded by colored crumbled paper on hardwood

Organizing and Decluttering the Garage or Attic

Feb 08, 2024
Spring cleaning season is fast approaching so if you're someone in need of some organizing and decluttering help - we suggest you start with the garage or attic. Check out some great tips specific to those parts of your home - and remember to look at our previous post for additional tips for the entire home. Happy purging!
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Girl holding pile of clear bins full of clothes to donate

Tips for Organizing and Decluttering Your Home

Jan 04, 2024
Out with the old, and in with the new. It's the perfect time of year to get organized and declutter your living space. Check out some great tips so you don't get overwhelmed, and get started on your own organizational adventure!
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A person layering slices of cheese on a charcuterie board

Creating the Ultimate Charcuterie for Your Holiday Parties

Nov 28, 2023
It’s the perfect time to start planning your holiday parties and more importantly, what will be on the menu! Create the perfect charcuterie board that will impress your guests. Your charcuterie board can be customized to your guests' liking and will be the perfect appetizer to start your holiday party!
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Basement interior bar with brown bar stools and ceiling mounted wine rack

Turn your entertainment room into a hibernation station so you’re ready for winter with these tips

Nov 14, 2023
The fall and winter months usually mean we're spending more time at home, entertaining, or hibernating - maybe catching up on some must-watch movies. If you're wanting to create the ultimate indoor space or entertainment room, here are some things you need to consider.
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Bird's eye view of brown welcome mat surrounded by mini pumpkins with brown boots walking over it

Tips to enjoy fall weather – day or night - inside or out

Oct 26, 2023
As the weather cools down, it can be easy to go into full hibernation mode - but you don't have to! Enjoy the last bits of beautiful fall weather inside or out, before the long, dark winter months with these tips.
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Amanda Lwanga wearing shiny copper shirt over black dress smiling in front of well designed room

Design with the Earth in Mind - Eco-Conscious Interiors with Amanda Lwanga

Oct 13, 2023
We caught up with Amanda Lwanga, Founder and Creative Director of Linger Design Studio, who also happens to be a featured presenter at the 2023 Edmonton Fall Home Show and an award-winning luxury designer, about the popular topic of Sustainable Design, before her appearance at the Edmonton Fall Home Show.
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Rosalyn Lazaruk

Vintage Shopping How-Tos with Rosalyn Lazaruk

Oct 12, 2023
Rosalyn Lazaruk is a designer, decorator and stylist, who has put together Curated Vintage Collections, where you will find an eclectic mix of excellent quality vintage pieces. We got some of her best tips for Vintage Shopping ahead of the Edmonton Fall Home Show.
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