Emily Mardell is Changing the Way You Look at Food

Oct 10, 2019, 14:00 PM

Emily Mardell is an Edmontonian Registered Dietitian, expert in family nutrition, and Founder of GetJoyFull - a movement that celebrates local producers, and empowers families to connect with the food on their tables. She’ll be sharing some amazing family friendly plant-based meal ideas on the Cooking Stage at the 2019 Edmonton Fall Home Show. We chatted with her about the changing movements around food and why eating healthier is easier than you think. 

Eating local has definitely become an important value for many Canadian families across the country. “For me, the value of eating local extends well beyond the benefits of freshness, seasonality, and nutrition. Eating local empowers my whole family to cultivate a more joyful relationship with the food on our table. After all, knowing where your food is grown, and the hard-working hands and hearts responsible for it—is a special thing.” For many homeowners supporting local, from clothing to produce has become a lifestyle change. But as Mardell notes, it transcends any trend and supports your local communities and entrepreneurs. “Eating more local food fare is a great way to connect with the growing community, and Alberta producers. If eating local is important to you seek simple, and sustainable ways to make it happen. Eat seasonally, and enjoy a whole new level of freshness. Visit local farmers markets, or u-picks to try something unique, and new.”

Many homeowners are inspired to make a change when it comes to their nutrition and supporting local however, some struggle with the balance of eating right, what’s convenient and are concerned with the cost of it all. “Finding time to cook is more about creating time than having time. We’re all busy, but prioritizing eating together is something you’ll never regret. Set aside an hour, or two each week to prep a recipe, or a few ingredients to help kick-start quick, healthy meals.” For Mardell’s family, meal planning is a great way to ensure balance, both in the wallet, and in the kitchen. “Meal planning can be a helpful way to stretch food dollars. Knowing what you’re making, what you have on hand, and what you need to buy definitely helps keep the grocery list to the essentials. Enjoying frozen fruit, and veggies is a great way to save money, too. Frozen at peak freshness, and nutrition, makes them a healthy, practical choice.” Her tip? “You don’t need to over plan! Prepare just do enough to give you a head start, and allow your creativity, and appetite to guide what you make.” 

This fall, Emily is partaking in a new endeavor, and e-book for families called “Easy Peas-y” in partnership with her foodie BFF Jessica Musslewhite and Alberta Pulse Growers. “This recipe collection features pulse-powered recipes, and helpful tips on how parents can help kids cultivate a positive relationship with food. We are so excited!” You can follow along her adventures at @getjoyfull on instagram for updates, nutrition bites and inspiring food stories.

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