Growing Your House-Plant Family

Sep 16, 2021, 17:10 PM

Tips for Happy Plants with Ryan Agrey at Hope Innovations  

Whether you are a new or long-time plant parent, we know that taking care of your beloved greens can sometimes be difficult. In advance of the Edmonton Fall Home Show happening October 15-17 at the Edmonton Expo Centre, we caught up with Ryan Agrey from Hope Innovation to discuss what makes plants thrive in the home. Agrey develops hydroponic gardens and makes them affordable for anyone who is interested in a home garden and shares his tips and tricks for happy plants. If you are starting indoor plant garden, Agrey suggests keeping the following in mind:

indoor plants


  1. Do your research on the best lighting for your budget as it is the most important investment. Agrey says “Fluorescent T5s have been the best bang for my buck, however higher power usage.”

  2. Keep things clean and simple. Use clean water, remove dead plant leaves right away, and formulated nutrients and fertilizers.

  3. The importance of proper planning and purchasing plants that fit your designated space. “If you only have a small space you should stick with small plants or consider vertical gardens. At minimum you want about a 6 square inch space between plants,” suggests Agrey.

At the end of the day, “you need a green thumb to be successful,” emphasizes Agrey, “the beauty of hydroponics is you control all the growing variables, “such as light, nutrients, temperature, and water. The important variables are controlled and “very difficult to screw it up” chuckles Agrey. If you take the time and patience to set up your home garden right, you will have no problem leaving them when you go on a vacation.

Don’t forget to check out the Edmonton Fall Home Show at the Expo Centre returning after nearly two years October 15-17, 2021. It’s your one-stop shop to meet local exhibitors, get real inspiration for all your home renovation and decor projects and more! Tickets are now available at

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