How to find reliable home renovation contractors in Edmonton

Oct 9, 2023, 23:54 PM
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Finding experienced, reliable, and trustworthy home renovation contractors is crucial in ensuring a successful and stress-free renovation project. Investing time in researching a company before bringing it into your home has a high return. It can help you identify red flags, avoid dishonest contractors, and ensure a positive renovation experience. helps connect homeowners with vetted and certified home renovation contractors, trades, and home services companies. Their free online directory provides access to companies that have cleared extensive background checks, shown proof of critical credentials, and continuously meet RenovationFind's high standards.

Whether you're looking for a plumber, HVAC company, roofer, fencing contractor or best basement development contractors in Edmonton, RenovationFind can help. Here, they share tips on how to research and find a reliable home renovation contractor:

Ask for recommendations from your personal circles

The best referral comes from someone you already know and trust. Start by asking friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers if they have worked with renovation contractors in the area and had a good experience. Once you have a list of those personally recommended companies, start doing more research!

Head to the Edmonton Fall Home Show

The Edmonton Fall Home Show is great for meeting and speaking with local renovation contractors. The contractors there have invested in connecting with homeowners and are there to introduce you to their company, products and services. If you'd like to meet some companies face-to-face and see their offerings, a home show is an excellent place to collect information.

Check online, but be careful

Nowadays, we turn to Google searches and online reviews before spending money on a product or service. While searching online can help you discover home renovation contractors in your area, you shouldn't rely on online reviews alone.

"Unfortunately, a lot of online reviews are exaggerated or even fake in the home improvement industry," warns Keith Riley, Founder and CEO of RenovationFind. "They're good for getting some ideas, but you should also verify those companies and check for affiliation with reputable organizations or proof of longstanding industry experience."

If you're searching online, check if companies are connected to well-established organizations or associations. For example, look for the company on the Better Business Bureau or see if they've passed the certification process on

Check for a business license and insurance

Proper provincial business licensing, liability insurance, and Workers Compensation Board (WCB) coverage are essential credentials to check for. It is a major red flag if a contractor cannot or will not show you proof of these things!

RenovationFind Certified contractors have already shown proof of business licenses, insurance and WCB coverage. If you're looking for a general contractor, bathroom renovation specialist, or the best painting contractors in Edmonton, you'll find pre-screened, licensed, and insured contractors on

Get estimates from multiple contractors

Don't settle for the first contractor you find. Meet or speak with at least three different contractors to discuss your project and get written estimates. You can ask questions about their process, share more information about your project, and see if any of them are a good fit.

Getting multiple estimates will also give you a better understanding of your project's cost. If a contractor comes in with a quote much lower than the others, that is another red flag. The quotes might vary, but they should all be competitive. Low-ball estimates can mean the company doesn't have experience or uses inexperienced, cheap labour and low-quality products.

Check references

Ask potential contractors for a list of references from previous clients. Contact these references to inquire about their experiences working with the contractor. Checking references helps you verify their reliability, experience, and expertise.

"I suggest you ask the company for references from their last three jobs," said Riley. "That way, the company can't pick and choose their best jobs and you'll get a more accurate idea of what it is like to work with them."

Get quotes in writing

Never accept a verbal estimate. A legitimate and reputable contractor will provide a detailed, written quote with a breakdown of costs, including materials, labour, and permit fees. Written estimates will help you compare contractors more easily. As mentioned, be wary of low-ball quotes and remember that the cheapest contractor is not always the best contractor. Sometimes, the opposite is the case.

Be cautious of contractors who ask for a large upfront payment or pressure you to make quick decisions. There might be a deposit, but a legitimate company will never ask you to pay for the entire project upfront.

Get contracts in writing and review them carefully

A reputable renovation company will provide a detailed agreement in writing. Before signing anything, review it carefully to ensure it includes all project details, payment terms, deadlines, and warranties. You might want to consult a lawyer to review your contract for large-scale projects, like a new home build or home addition.

"A contractor that doesn't provide a detailed written contract should be avoided. You must be completely clear on the cost, timeline, and details of your home project," said Riley.

Make sure you like the company

Communication is vital for home renovation projects. You'll be working closely with the company, so you must like them, trust them, and feel like you can build a positive working relationship with them. While credentials, experience, and reputation are critical when hiring a contractor, you also want to ensure you can work well with them.

Find a certified company on offers a comprehensive directory of pre-screened and certified home improvement and renovation contractors. The companies on their list have cleared legal and financial background checks. In addition, they've shown proof of Alberta business licensing, insurance, and WCB coverage. Then, a third-party organization monitors the companies for compliance, checking online reviews and customer complaints.

The categories listed in the directory span every aspect of home improvement, including electricians, siding contractors, deck builders, and the best home addition contracting companies in Edmonton. When you hire a RenovationFind Certified company, you're hiring a company you can trust.

Visit RenovationFind at the Edmonton Fall Home Show to learn more.