Vintage Shopping How-Tos with Rosalyn Lazaruk

Oct 12, 2023, 13:57 PM

The latest trend in home decor is — well — old. More specifically, professional and amateur interior designers and stylists alike are falling in love with the high-low mix of vintage, antique and found furniture and decor layered into more modern spaces. 

Finding the perfect blend of new and new-to-you style isn’t as simple as taking a trip to the thrift store, but the increasing popularity of vintage resellers like Rosalyn Lazaruk and her company Tipsy Palm Curated Vintage are doing a lot of the leg work by sourcing, refreshing and uniting stunning secondhand items with shoppers. 

Rosalyn is bringing her pop-up vintage shopping experience to the 2023 Edmonton Fall Home Show on October 13–15 at the Edmonton Expo Centre. Known for unique and quality furnishings, decor and textiles, Tipsy Palm is the ideal stop for anyone looking to add a bit of style to their home that they can’t find anywhere else. 

Ahead of this year’s show, we sat down with Rosalyn to get her tips for the would-be vintage shopper looking to up their thrifting game. 

Q&A with Rosalyn Lazaruk 

Rosalyn Lazaruk wearing blue plaid shirt smiling

How can you incorporate vintage finds and furnishings in your home without making it look too piece-y or disjointed?

When you start bringing vintage and secondhand finds into your home, your space undoubtedly becomes more eclectic. However, starting small with objects you love or incorporating small furniture pieces that add some character and interest to the space will enhance the room rather than overwhelm it. 

What are your favourite places to find vintage home furnishings and decor?

The list is endless! If you are willing to put in some TLC, FIND and ReStore are two musts. If you want the love already put into what you’re shopping for, check out DomDeco and Alexander & Rose

For decor, there are so many fabulous resellers. The Old Strathcona Antique Mall is obviously filled with great finds, and Adaptology and Three Parrots are also some of my favourites. I also recommend getting on Instagram and checking out local resellers like Pepper Moon and Jazzed Vintage. All of these would be a great place to start!

What are your best tips for someone looking for ways to add vintage to their home?

Move away from the idea of things needing to match or be symmetrical. Find an object like a vase or piece for your coffee table that you love. Keep layering texture, pattern and interesting shapes — depending on how minimal or maximal your style is.

Brightly coloured vintage dresses in blue, yellow and red

What is your favourite vintage design find so far?

I have been sourcing vintage fashion and home decor for so long that there are so many! I do have an original Halston microsuede trench coat that is treasured. For home decor, it is every little piece I have collected in my travels. They are scattered throughout our home and always bring me joy. 

What do you love about vintage decor and furniture?

I like interesting objects: Pieces with a story. I believe we should all express our own individual styles in our homes and the way we dress. When we express ourselves through design and fashion, we tell a little bit of our story, bringing out comfort and confidence. 

I also love the environmental impact of shopping secondhand. Enough has already been made, and furniture and fashion from the past are often better quality. If we can re-love more secondhand things, the world will benefit in so many ways.  


To find Roslayn, Tipsy Palm and hundreds of other home design and decor experts, don’t miss the 2023 Edmonton Fall Home Show at the Edmonton Expo Centre, October 13–15. Tickets are available online